General Repair Conditions Consumer electronics, applicable in cases where PartsFix acts as a repairer of consumer electronics.


1. Repairs are based on the complaints described on the repair form or in the description with the online appointment system. PartsFix only examines the functionality (s) for which the part to be replaced is responsible.

Moisture damage must always be reported by the customer. We are not responsible for any further damage to your device (that has been damaged by water damage) that was made during or after the repair / investigation.


2. The price of the repair is determined solely on the basis of the prices stated on the website. The price is composed of the parts, the installation costs and is increased with the shipping costs. The prices displayed on the website indicate whether it is inclusive or exclusive of VAT.


3. If the work is not listed on the website, a provisional price estimate will be made after telephone consultation. This is confirmed in writing by mail after arrival of the device. The price is always increased with the shipping costs.

In the case of water damage, you agree to a maximum repair amount within which the repair can take place immediately. In the event of higher costs, a provisional quotation will be forwarded by telephone or e-mail for approval. The amount of 35, - euros will be charged in any case, even if the device is not repaired.


4. If an investigation shows that the price of the repair will be higher than the cost estimate as stated on the website, the customer will be asked if he wants the product repaired for that higher price. In that case the repair will only take place after the customer's permission. If the website does not report a cost estimate and the price can only be determined after investigation, the customer will be asked if he wants the product repaired for that price. In that case too, the repair will only take place after the customer's permission. If the customer does not agree with the extra costs, we will only charge the research costs.

5. The customer can, however, refrain from further service by PartsFix in the event of extra costs and then only pays the research costs and shipping costs of the return shipment.


6. Provided nothing else has been agreed, new parts will be used. Or - if this is customary with regard to such a part - exchange parts.

7. After repair, the customer receives a message by e-mail, with a short description of the work performed, as well as the data for payment of the repair.


8. PartsFix is ​​liable for loss and theft of the product. The accessories and accessories must be kept by the customer himself and not to be handed in during the repair or shipment, this also applies to the original packaging of the products. PartsFix cannot be held liable for the aforementioned accessories and accessories. Return shipments are always made by PartsFix by registered insured shipment by TNT. Compensation by Post NL amounts to a maximum of EUR 5400.

PartsFix treats all supplied devices with the utmost care. Some defects only come to light after the device has been dismantled. PartsFix cannot be held liable for defects or damage that occur during or after the repair, unless they are caused by intent or gross negligence caused by PartsFix.


9. PartsFix offers a registered insured shipment as standard. This insurance is issued by TNT Post and is handled by PartsFix with TNT Post in the event of loss or theft. PartsFix will pay you the claim immediately after PostNL has settled the claim.


10. After completing the repair, PartsFix provides a three-month warranty on the repair (only the part that has been replaced). This warranty period starts at the time of shipment of the product to the customer. No guarantee is given for cleaning and / or maintenance, as well as for repairs carried out on products with lightning, water, sand, fall, or moisture damage, unless the contrary is expressly stated on the repair form. PartsFix's warranty expires when the customer dismantles the device itself or when it has been opened by another repair center.

In other specific cases you also have no guarantee: BlackBerry 9700/9780 LCD screen version 004

11. If within three months after delivery of the repaired product the complaints referred to in Article 1 return, PartsFix will make a statement of the price for a new repair. Assembled parts cannot be returned.

12. For the same cause of the complaint, only the parts that were not replaced during the previous repair will be charged.

13. If it appears that the cause of the complaint is different from that of the previous repair, the costs of the new repair as referred to in Article 2 will be charged to the customer.

14. After renewed repair, the warranty starts again.


12. PartsFix facilitates the possibility to equip a number of devices with a different operating system such as Windows Mobile or Android. PartsFix does not support the mentioned systems. Bugs and any other software problems caused by installing an App or other cause cannot be solved by us. User questions may or may not be answered by PartsFix.


13. The repairs that we carry out fall outside the manufacturer's warranty from Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung etc. In addition, you must take into account that the manufacturer's warranty has already expired at the time the device has suffered damage. We naturally offer a new guarantee ourselves because we support our service, as stated in Article 10.


14. PartsFix is ​​not liable for data loss. A number of repairs, such as replacing motherboards, hard disks and batteries, can lead to the loss of data. PartsFix points this out on the website and in the general terms and conditions. The customer is asked to make a backup of his / her data before sending the product to PartsFix or delivering it on location. The customer is responsible for securing his data.


15. If after 14 days that the customer is informed that the product is ready, and the customer has failed to pay for the repair of the product during this period, PartsFix is ​​entitled to sell and / or destroy the product in an environmentally friendly manner and to pay the amount due on recover the proceeds. The extra costs for recovery are charged to the customer.


16. PartsFix does everything to offer you a perfect service. However, it may happen that you are disappointed in your expectations. By expressing your dissatisfaction we can - together with you - search for a solution. This way we can further improve our quality of service.

There are a number of options for expressing your discontent or complaint.
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[email protected]

We aim to respond to your letter within 5 business days.


17. Dutch law applies to all disputes relating to repairs. Only a Dutch court has jurisdiction over these disputes.

18. All other disputes will, in deviation from the legal rules for the jurisdiction of the civil court, in case the Court has jurisdiction, be settled by the Court in the place of business or district of the entrepreneur. PartsFix, however, remains authorized to sue the customer before the judge competent according to the law or the applicable international treaty.

19. For five weeks after PartsFix has invoked the previous article, the consumer has the right to opt for settlement of the dispute by the civil court competent according to the law or the applicable international treaty.