FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How long have I lost my device?

Are you sending your device? Upon arrival the same will be repaired or at the latest the day after. Is it urgent? Then you can indicate that and we can give an indication. The device will be returned immediately upon receipt of payment.

Is there a warranty on the parts and on the repair?

12 month warranty on parts

What is on the invoice?

The prices of the various repairs and parts can be found on the page with rates. These rates include VAT and shipping costs. The components can be found very clearly on the invoice.

Why does my battery drain so quickly?

Often programs and apps run in the background of your device, which you do not even notice. Therefore, check whether you can save energy by performing the following steps: Go to Settings> General> Use. Note the time periods that appear after "Use" and "Stand-by". Put the iPhone in standby mode. If you look five minutes later, the standby time must have increased by five minutes. The duration of use may be increased by a maximum of one minute. Is it more than one minute? Then your iPhone is not really in standby mode and there is a power eater active. With an Android device you can simply press the "home button" for a little longer. All active programs and apps are reduced in size. You can flip them away one by one or click them away, but you can also close all programs with one click with the cross.

This way you can use the battery longer without having to constantly charge.

Various apps can be switched on or off with a simple switch. Sometimes you can serve an entire group with this, but sometimes it is necessary to turn everything off individually. It is often a matter of just figuring out what is useful for you.


It is not necessary to have the Bluetooth on continuously. Switch it off via Settings> Bluetooth. If your phone always connects to peripherals via Bluetooth, your battery will soon be empty.


Not everyone uses their mail for business purposes and must respond immediately when an email arrives. Another is enough to get his mail once a day, because much of our communication nowadays goes through WhatsApp. Set in your e-mail program how often per day you want to retrieve the e-mail and also prevent unnecessary jamming of your telephone or reducing the battery life. This also applies to various apps and other programs.

Everything clear?

Your phone still has a very big energy waste: the brightness of your screen. Do you have to use your phone as a flashlight? Then switch on the actual flashlight. Not the normal screen. Via the settings you can indicate exactly what is desirable for you.

Everything automatically.

For some time it has been possible to download the latest updates automatically. This is of course very useful, because you do not always have to find out yourself or keep an eye on whether there is a new update. However, it costs a lot of energy. Also switch this on when you specifically want to download or install something.

Take a break.

If you cannot pick up the phone (during exercise, driving or something similar), you can also set your phone to the "do not disturb" position. This prevents your screen from constantly turning on and this also saves energy.

Where am I?

If you have the "location facilities" section on, you will receive a warning when you are in the vicinity of, for example, one of your friends or your favorite restaurant. However, this costs a lot of energy and that is not always desirable. Turn off location facilities at the institutions under the heading "privacy".

Lock screen.

If you set the lock screen settings to 1 minute, the screen will not light up as long as you put your phone away. And that too ensures a longer battery life.


Often people choose to' vibrate 'the phone. However, this also costs a lot of energy. Disable unnecessary sounds and vibrations under the 'sounds' section of the settings.

Hot hot hot!

Do you like being warm? Logical, but your phone thinks differently! Your phone works best between 0-35 degrees Celsius. In addition, you have the chance that not only the operation of the battery is affected, but there is a risk of damage if your device exceeds 45 degrees Celsius.

Personal hotspot.

Do you want to share your internet connection with your laptop or tablet? Then you can do this through a personal hotspot. You can of course always leave this on, but here too the rule is once again; the more often a connection to another device is searched for, the more the battery disappears like snow in the sun. So switch this function off if it is not used.

Facebook and WhatsApp

The two biggest energy users are WhatsApp and Facebook. Using various techniques, they bypass the sleep mode that is automatically switched on after 10 minutes. As a result, they can continue to communicate with the server continuously and your battery will soon be empty. Location facilities are also constantly switched on via Facebook. Check with the settings if you have this on / off.

Bright, bright, brightest

The automatic brightness is often at its sharpest. That is completely unnecessary and therefore it is practical to give it a try. With which light intensity can you still read the messages properly or do you have to put a lot of effort into seeing it properly? It is also easy to adjust in the meantime so make it easy on yourself!


Do you use a dynamic wallpaper with a parallax effect? Then your battery will almost visibly drain. Use a still wallpaper instead.

Stuttering network settings.

Is your phone always searching for a connection with Bluetooth or WiFi? And does the connection always fail? Then this is also not best for energy consumption. Try a reset by resetting the network settings in the settings.

Disable mobile data:

It is not ideal for everyone (people who want to be accessible anytime and anywhere will not benefit from this), but it is an option to disable the 'mobile data' option. Your data bundle will be less likely to drain as well as your battery. Rumors are that people using the App Store for the iPhone can extend their battery life by logging out of the App Store account. You will then have to log in again each time you visit the App Store to download something.


Blur effects are switched off by reducing the contrast in the control panel. That way you prevent the use of energy-wasting functions.


In iOS 7 you can disable the animations when opening and closing apps and all sorts of other animations. This is actually done to prevent people who are sensitive to this from becoming nauseous due to the wild movements. But you can also turn it off to save the battery. go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Reduce movement.